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Doggy Lodges offers its canine guests, in a calm environment and on 7 hectares in the countryside, 3 individual custom Lodges for your special pet vacation and respite

Thanks to the presence of my veterinarian husband, our customers can entrust their dog with peace of mind, even in the case where a veterinary follow-up is necessary.

Doggy Lodges welcomes all dog breeds, from the smallest to the tallest and the youngest to the oldest, in individual Lodges. Only dogs of the same owner are housed in the same lodge to respect their habits, routines and comfort.

Doggy Lodges is a reception center for customers who want to leave their pet during their absence, and offer them a real holiday in complete comfort and safety.

By entrusting their dog to an experienced, caring and personal team in a safe and stimulating setting, with an on-site veterinarian, they can leave with peace of mind.

In addition, our customers are not totally separated from their companion. They can at any time and anywhere in the world, see their animal live, thanks to a system of surveillance cameras 24h / 24h, via internet.

Doggy Lodges offers a transport dog service from their home and return to their family throughout the PACA region.

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Doggy Lodges Package includes:

Accommodation in one of the 3 individual lodges

The food (croquettes veterinary quality)

Video surveillance

Forest walks with games

see the movie :

The 'anti stress' massages

The caresses at will and the treats

Administration of a possible veterinary treatment

The linen: plaids, pillows, bath towel, etc ...

Zen music

The veterinarian's daily visit

Doggy Lodges also offers:

By a specialized canine educator

Introductory sessions to Agility

Dog training classes

Puppy Special Education Sessions

By a specialized groomer

On-site grooming at the end of the stay

is listening to the masters ... for the well-being of their companion.

When booking, you will be asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire about your dog's habits and your specific requirements.

We can give him 1 or 2 meals a day or 4 if it's a puppy, or fresh food if he does not eat croquettes.

We can also offer him the company of one of our dogs if he is bored or practice with him one of his favorite games.

Do not forget to tell us about the daily rituals your dog is particularly fond of (afternoon treats, evening hugs, etc ...)

For his well-being, we think that it is essential to create a climate of confidence very gently, do not hesitate to entrust to us what he likes particularly but also and especially what he does not like!

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